One platform. All your building data. Making the invisible, Visible.

Providing real-time data that enables you to make better informed decisions, when it matters.

A common problem we hear through our workspace partners...

There are too many building systems providing data to different stakeholders, which makes for inefficient and complicated building management.

We've built best-in-class features into DigiSpace.

We've carefully considered all DigiSpace features so it's development is always led by customer feedback.


DigiSpace is a Progressive Web App means there's nothing to download.

SaaS-style subscription

An easy pay-as-you-go style subscription.

Compatible with all modern browsers

Run DigiSpace on virtually any browser or device.

No hardware requirements

No App Download, no updates. It's in the browser and it's always updated.

Connects to any asset

No matter what device, we will work with you to connect it to DigiSpace.

Full control

DigiSpace gives you full transparency and control over your space.


DigiSpace's intuitive dashboard gives you full control in one screen.

Guest Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimised view for guests using your space.

DigiSpace brings all your data into one simple platform.

A hardware and software agnostic platform with a unified dashboard allowing you to connect to data from multiple sources such as building systems, third party tools, publicly available data, IoT sensors and offline hardware. DigiSpace connects the old with the new, bringing a new level of insights and control of your places and spaces.

Take a look at some example use cases.

DigiSpace will help save you time, energy, and money.

Powering down 8 meeting rooms every day
1hr per day
30hrs per month
Time wastage Without DigiSpace
Time Savings per Month
Overnight (12 hrs) heating
at 26
117 kWs per day
3559 kWs per month
Energy wastage Without DigiSpace
Energy Savings per Month
6 displays left on
overnight (12hrs)
9.9 kWs per day
301 kWs per month
Energy wastage Without DigiSpace
Energy Savings per Month

Offering a helping hand to your host / office manager.

A mobile worker who optimises spaces for user experience. Roams from room to room, solving any issues that arise.

Focusses effort on the customer experience.
Simple dashboard tools to monitor key environmental factors.
Connects the user to the space/building.

More manageable for your building manager.

Handles budget, customer service and property upkeep. Needs live data of connected spaces to save energy, boost assets and please customers.

Proactive environmental management.
Access to key indoor air quality and environment indicators.
Remote control systems

Giving your guests full control over workspace.

A rare user and evaluator of spaces and services. They have clout and opinions. They desire a secure, beneficial and effective environment.

Contactless meeting room controls.
Access key indoor air quality & environment indicators.
Remote chat with hosts for support.

More than just another smart building tool.

Providing simple real-time data from any device, anywhere, to anyone that enables you to monitor, manage & control, your building from one system.

We've partnered with the worlds leading manufacturers

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